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Hi Nigel

It was great to hear you in Hebden Bridge last year, and it's excellent to hear that ship to shore, plus additional tracks, is on its way to CD. Love your music! Put a big notice on the web site when Ship to Shore is available!

Peace, Love and Greetings


-- Steve Carr (, April 11, 2001


Hi Steve...its been a busy busy year for me...the search for archive material last Autumn for the re-release of'Ship' took ages wading thro' old knackered tapes and renovting them...a very nostalgic trip indeed...will be doing a solo short tour in Autumn to celebrate those songs but also finishing the Planet album.. a very different appraoch to Ship but very exciting all the same ....more of that later. I am in the middle of renovating a barn to live in which has been a kind of hobby for the last few years but am getting many things to conclusion this year as it seems the time for reiterating what I was on about in Ship 25 years ago....the Planet is the thing....and our survival on it and treatment of it...more as time and energy allow...hope the site revamp happy...Nigel M.J.

-- Nigel Mazlyn Jones (, April 18, 2001.

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