Welcome! Glad you could make it!

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This is our new board. This is better because it's our own space and we can have conversations instead of posting stuff on a board.

If you make it in here, post a message to let us know you're here. Introduce yourself to everyone else (especially if you use a screen name).


-- Anonymous, April 09, 2001


Hi everyone,

I hope that you are having a rock'in week! Weren't the Stations of the Cross totally amazing this past Sunday! Jesus loves us so much!!! Cody, thanks for doing all that you do for the junior high...you rock!!!

Love you guys, Sarah

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2001

Well, looks like I made it here too. Are we the only ones here? I feel like I'm in the MATRIX. Can't remember, did I take the red or green. Anyway, looks like a very busy weekend this week. Look forward to seeing you there.

-- Anonymous, April 26, 2001

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