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1. Would you like to stay 4 days or 7 days? A 7-day trip would cost $200-$300 more than a 4-day trip.

2. Would you like to stay somewhere that is bustling with activity or somewhere that is a bit calmer, less commercial?

3. Would you like your meals to be included? Most packages offer either 3 meals a day or none at all; very few offer just 1 or 2.

4. Is it important to you how nice the hotel is? (The brochures I'm looking at rate the hotels from 1 to 6, 6 being the nicest.) By "nice" I mean stuff like pools/jacuzzis, TVs, fitness centers, spas, etc.

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2001


Hmm... Yeah I think Cancun would be nice, but I have no problems going to any of the other three locations. I would prefer a 4-day trip definitely. I don't think we need our meals included in the package though because I think we'll be able to find our own good food somewhere.. :) Also, I think we should stay in a nice hotel. Like at least a 4. Hehe.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2001

1. I'd prefer 4 days. I thought Mexico would be cheap, but that's really only if you visit places where there are no tourists and you don't do anything but fish or walk around. Plus a 4-day vacation would fit our schedules better.

2. Like Frances, I kind of like the idea of hanging out at Cozumel.

3. I don't think we'll have problems finding good food in Mexico.

4. The only time I want to spend in the hotel is at night when I'm sleeping. All I need is a bed and some AC. Of course, lack of luxury will be a problem for Princess Julia. :P

I'm trying to look for a good travel deal, but I could definitely use some help. Keep an eye out!

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2001

4. How about staying at a bed and breakfast? B&Bs are cheaper than hotels, and we could get good advice from the owners. The challenge, then, boils down to finding a good price on flights to Cozumel.

Here's a list of B&Bs I've found:
Hacienda San Miguel
Alicia's B&B
B&B Caribo
Summer Place Inn
Tamarindo B&B
Amigo's B&B
Villa Las Anclas
Villa del Carmen

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2001

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