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I have captured a few AVI but those larger than 2GB cannot be opened. Recently, I learnt that there is a 2GB limit on AVI. The problem is I can recapture the video again so I need to repair the AVI (> 2GB).

Is there anyone who knows how to repair the captured AVI (> 2GB) ?

I need to repair the already captured AVI not how to recapture it using multiple AVIs.

Thank for your help.

-- Donny Yeo Chuan Hoe (, April 03, 2001


One option is to open said AVI in Ulead MediaStudioPro or VideoStudio, figure out which playing time it is you want to create another file less than 2Gb, and create your new AVI from that. I suppose the file you are talking about is less than 4Gb because in the mentioned programs 4Gb is the maximum size it can handle of any source file or to-be-created file.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, April 03, 2001.

You don't mention your capture card....I know that Pinnacle have a free upgrade for DC10 users that allows you to capture up to 70 mins (depending of course on your HD size!). It automatically makes a sequentially numbered set of 2Gb files. I've used this to great effect putting them on the Premiere timeline and then using bbMpeg to create one VCD file. Hope this helps you or any DC10 users who are reading and have not yet discovered this fix. Its available on the Pinnacle website.

Dave Partner.

-- David Partner (, April 03, 2001.

Donny, if the file is corrupted, I am not sure what you can do. But if it is not, try choping the file ( I have used it. It is very fast (just copying a file). I don't think you need to make a backup copy. AVIChop02 leaves the original file alone. Of course, you should first make sure you have enough diskspace. This may work if AVIChop02 works sequentially without checking the filesize or the end- of-file.

Good luck!

-- videohobby (, April 05, 2001.

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