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I am planning to buy a Nikon F80 SLR (probably N80 in the US). I would like to hear from you if you have used it -

is it better than F90X? Does it do everything F90X does? Any defect worth mentioning? (because the price apparently is about half of the latter!) Since it is going to be a heavy investment, I would like to know more about it before spending the money. Thank you Ajay.

-- Ajay Kumar (, April 02, 2001


Hi I own a f80, f90x & f100. The f80 is a great camera, it shares many of the features of the f100. I defy anyone to tell any difference between pics from either camera. One thing to note though, all these cameras can underexpose very bright or very reflective subjects, so override the camera's setting. The f80 is light and feels a bit plasticky, but wait till you have your first set of trannys', wow. Go for it Ajay, the f80 has all the important features. The f90x has a lot of nonsense programs on it.


-- terry davies (, May 26, 2001.

Hi there. I too have recently bought a F80 together with the 24-120mm nikkor lens. Absolutely superb. Out of 45 cassettes of film taken on a recent trip the only poorly exposed shots are those taken when I thought I knew better than the metering system and over-rode it. I traded in an 801 for the F80 and have no regrets at all. A minor thought is do not think the built in flashgun will do everything a Nikon SB flashgun will 'cos it has'nt got the power. But it's good for fill in etc. Hope this helps. John S

-- John Swannick (, June 29, 2001.

I use both F90 and F80 Nikon Cameras. The F80 is lighter and has more useful features than the F90. Its auto-focus is also superior to the F90. But the F80 cannot use manual lenses or extension tubes like the F90 and therefore it is essential for me to keep the F90. If that were not the case, I would be quite satisfied with the F80 alone and probably would get a second one to be kept loaded with a different film. I am not aware of any difference in the quality of the photographs taken with either camera.

-- W.P.Goldman (, December 08, 2001.

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