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I have tuned digital PID controller for process with delay using Zegler-Nichols and auto_tuning method.Using the values of PID parameters obtained using these tuning method how to get optimum values of tuning parameters for setpoint response and load response? The performance indices used for response are peak overshoot,peak undershoot,settling time,iae/iaebest,decay ratio.

-- R.D.Kharadkar (, March 31, 2001


the new controller online tuning is given by Yuwana_seborg which is more advantages over Ziegler_Nichols(loop tuning) method and process rection curve method, if u want in detail mail me, i am doing project on optimal control tunings

-- sandeep huli (, May 16, 2001.

the tuning methods consideration

-- ali .m.benkrmad (, December 03, 2002.

sir, i a engg student of 3rd year electrical, i m doin my project work on pid controller tuning using i need ur help, will u plz help me by giving the information of the above topic, thanking u,

urs truly, damodar

-- damodar (, April 02, 2004.

Well I am working on the same project, U might have found the process reaction curve & then found the values of Kp, Ki,Kd etc. I think, practical approach is also imp. First set Kp, Ki,Kd =o,start the process,then increase Kp till u get optimum performance[with offset],after the optimum value the response will be oscillatory. Then introduce Ki ,this will reduce settling time,at last go for Kd. If process is slow generally Kd is very small or zero. These values from practical results will be definitely near to the calculated values. Good Luck

-- Sandeep M. Chaudhari (, May 28, 2004.

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