What are some of your weird habits?

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I just filled an entire entry with a random listing of my weird habits. C'mon, tell me some of yours!

-- Sherry (sherina@masc.ca), March 29, 2001


I think I've eaten a kit kat the way you do, but I don't always nibble the small overhang off. They are sometimes called Leo here, but I've seen them as KitKat as well. On other things we don't have so much in common as I once thought. As for me, how to eat a waffle, start at the smallest edge and eat away one row of squares, go around the waffle until you reach the centre. But we do eat the round cookies exactly the same way, and I get frustrated if the top cookie can't be removed properly without damaging the bottom one in the process (by pulling on it too hard). I usually don't bother about the bottom one, I'll eat it ! I do change the toilet rolls a lot of work, i'm not going to claim that I'm the only one who knows, but some people obviously refuse to do it. We're the exact oposite at eating speed ! If I get coffee with a spoon, sugar and milk, always poor the milk and the sugar in the coffee, even if you usually drink it black, then mix everything with the spoon, and take one spoonfull of the coffee mixture to try. Then drink the coffee.

-- Wim Van Oudenhove (wim.van.oudenhove@pandora.be), March 30, 2001.

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