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What are the differencies between the TX and the Ftb. I know about the highest speed (1/500), but that's all. Can you tell me more?

I was looking for it with the purpose to make essentially long exposure shoots. Is it a good choice (and cheap choice) ?

-- NicolasLL (Nicolas.Leste@obspm.fr), March 29, 2001


The TX is a stripped down FTb, it lacks the mirror lockup and stop down lever. And the highest speed is 1/500. Other than that, their similar AFAIK.

The TX is identical to the Bell&Howell FD35, wich again is a TLb with a hot shoe. Only the FTb offered QL (quick load).

-- Ketil Johansen (ketiljo@stud.ntnu.no), March 29, 2001.

I believe there are other differences as well--the FTb has the F-1s centered meeting, which the TX simple meters the whole frame. And (at least on mine) there's no on/off switch for the meter on the TX. But the one I have works fine--i bought it as a backup for my F-1.

-- Steven Drummond (lmsd@starpower.net), June 28, 2001.

FTb: Mirror Lockup 1/1000th top speed hot shoe Partial metering Self-timer Shutter speed display in viewfinder (on new models) Quick loading film feature on some models. Locking DOF preview

Tx: No mirror lockup 1/500th top speed hot-shoe Center-weighted metering No self-timer No shutter speed display No QL No off switch DOF preview not locking


Same as TX with accessory shoe only.

Despite the apparent lack of features, the TX is a great camera. They all have a wonderful feel and a classic control layout.

-- Kurt Weiske (maildrop@kataan.org), January 10, 2002.

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