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Hello, I am with Exotic Cars Magazine in the USA. We were thinking of doing a short article on Brunei as our Exotic travel destination of the month. What we would like to know is are there any Ferrari,Lamborghini or Lotus cars for tourists to rent? Or any other cars of this nature. I was also curious about any privately owned vehicles of this nature.What are the speed limits on the highways?Are there very many of these exotic cars in Brunei? I will look forward to your answer. Sincerely, Laura Archer

-- LauraArcher (, March 28, 2001


Ferrari,Lamborghini or Lotus cars - Yes For rent - No Who owns the majority of them - The Royal Family (ahem, as if you don't know already!) and the well-to-dos (yours truly excluded, unfortunately!). Speed Limit at highway - 80km ... but I guess other than that -- no limit actually! Why dont't you come over and visit! (Visit Brunei year 2001 or shall we say Visit The Cars Year ... for you?).

-- Andy (, April 19, 2001.

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