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I work with a beige PowerMac G3 running Mac OS 9.1. Until last week I had no problem playing music CD's. Then, after installing a CD-RW device, the sound does not work when a CD is mounted in the G3's internal CD drive and I cannot fathom why. Here are the facts:

1. With a music CD in the internal CD drive, the CD's icon shows on the desktop. 2. The Apple CD Driver extension (vs 1.4) is active (box with an "X") in the Extensions Manager. 3. Under "Options" in the Apple CD Audio Player mode the CD is correctly assigned to the internal CD-ROM drive (i.e., ATAPI CD-ROM ID 0). 4. I've checked and rechecked the speaker cable and power connections; they're fine. 5. I've checked the sound control panel; "mute" is not active and the sound bar is full on. 6. Volume is full on in the bottom control strip. 7. Volume is turned on and up at the dual speakers.

The sound, of course, does not work when the music CD is in the external CD-RW unit because no speakers are connected to that device. But why won't the sound work on the internal CD drive.

Sure could use some help.

-- John McKim (, March 23, 2001

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