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To make my work easier, I'm getting myself a new computer. Have you bought yourself anything recently?

-- Becky (, March 18, 2001


Yesterday I bought myself the prettiest 3 dimensional wildflower magnet while at the Botanical Gardens. Then I grabbed a jar of peach pie jelly.

Further down the road when dau stopped at Best Buy I stopped in the economy CD section and got The Drifters and Kenny Rogers by some company called Forever Gold. Great for $5.99 each!

Or how about the new cpu I got last month was it?

Now I feel really bad, all I do is 'gift' myself!

-- bonbee (, March 18, 2001.

The most recent thing I bought my self is a "sharpening" I have scissors, long ones, called I think "Ribbon Shears" that some one nicked trying to cut floral wire. Shears are sharpened now and again I can start a cut and just push the cut without snipping. Next thing for me to buy me is a scanner. I understand that there is an HP that can be used with Webtv, if so, when I get enough pennies together I shall have one.

-- Denver doug (, March 20, 2001.

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