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looking at team selection criteria that involves selection by members voting members in. I have snet other messages and not received a response, if someone could respond, so I know this is working perhaps then I could get info on this. tia.

-- rick (, March 17, 2001



I'm new to this forum but have alot of team building coaching, mentoring, etc in my "toolbox" I'll have to ask what are the goals of the team, what are the qualifications, and what is involved.

Pending those answers, I'd have to say that you're not building a team really. Anything can influence the "members" voting options and this takes the objectivity out of the process. If you 1. need another team member 2. have the resources available; take the most qualified person. You'll need a good team leader and training program but you will develop the team more basing qualifications on data than personal desires.

-- Kelly Thrasher (, May 24, 2001.

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