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A friend of mine pointed me to your web site, so I tried it today. Being a beer enthousiast, I looked for recipies with beer as ingredient. I encountered three usability problems:

1. I tried using the search box on the homepage, but got confused because it said:

------------------------- Search [ ] (GO) Search by: Ingredient Submitter | Keyword ------------------------- I started typing "beer" in the textbox, but then I wasn't sure whether to hit the link "Ingredient" or hit "GO".

2. The search results didn't allow me to sort, especially sort on ratings. I saw a list of 94 recipies with beer in them, and they were sorted alphabetically. I would have liked to see the list sorted by rating.

3. I also realized that I couldn't fast-forward in the list to, let's say, recipies that start with an "M". All I could do was get the "next 25 >"...

I thought I'd let you know, so maybe you can improve the service in the future.

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Boersma (, March 16, 2001

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