Hedgehog (no bake Chocolate slice)

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Hint: Crushing biscuits with a rolling pin on a large peice of paper works well.


  1. Crush biscuits and place in a mixing bowl.
  2. Add cocoa and coconut & mix well.
  3. Warm milk and butter, stirring gently until well mixed. Remove from heat.
  4. Add dry ingedients and mix well.
  5. Press into a lightly greased tray and sprinkle with coconut (or ice with chocolate icing).
  6. Place in fridge to chill, (cut into squares/fingers before it sets completely)
  7. Keep in fridge before serving.


Hint: I usually make one quantity of each Hedgehog & Lemon Slice or double of either, rather than keeping half a tin of condensed milk.

-- Nigel Smith (nlandgl@unite.com.au), March 15, 2001


oops... coconut is desiccated coconut and tbl is tablespoon

-- Nigel Smith (nlandgl@unite.com.au), March 15, 2001.

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