March 16, Seiyu in Tokyo : LUSENET : St. Mary's International (Class of '82) : One Thread

This is getting serious. Let's push and get the others too. Call everyone you know that is in Tokyo. eg. Uka Cho??, Sonny??, Rudi?? Ms. Takagi?? We are in the process of arranging a new/bigger place for dinner.

Update as of March 9

1-Seiyu 2-Robert 3-Mr. Moon 4-Arif 5-James Monta 6-James KO 7-David Lu 8-Iyne 9-Bobby (maybe) 10-Marcus 11-Han Jun Kim 12-Joe 13-Kelly 14-Aruna 15-Anthony Aram

-- Marcus Okuno (, March 11, 2001

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