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Someone asked about bios and finding out about other St Mary's folks. Since I'm testing out this message board as an alternative to the e-mail system, I'll start off.

Since St Mary's, I studied computer science and premed prerequisites at Stanford. Then I went through the MD/PhD program at Univ of Virginia. I'm designing computer-based cancer treatment planning systems; our start-up got bought out by Varian Medical Systems so I'm working for THE MAN now. Plan on starting an internet-based company in a year or two (more details later). My home page is, and I'll be testing out some new web technologies on it when I get the time. Oh yeah, I'm getting married to Jennifer Yoon in late April 2001.

Hope you all are doing well, wherever you are in the world. Let me know what's been happening in your life.

-- Bill Katz (, March 11, 2001


Bill's Bio

Congratulations, Bill! You guys must be busy getting ready for the wedding. Please remember to send us some digitized snap shots from your wedding (or your bachelor party).

I graduated from Tufts with a major in American History. Thought about going to law school (for about 10 seconds) and decided to go into the real world. It's funny that you are designing computer-based cancer treatment planning systems for my company sells insurance and mainly cancer insurance. The name of the company is AFLAC and I'm pretty sure the guys in the US have seen our series of duck commercials. We air plenty of commercials in Japan as well but no ducks.

I've been working for this company since I graduated from college in '86. I've been in sections like PR and Advertising (1yr), Investor Relations (5yrs.), Marketing in the US (5yrs) and Sales Promotion (3yrs), a section of Marketing that specialize in contests and conventions.

I married Juli Shin in '93 and we have been blessed with 2 children, daughter, Hyana 4yrs old and son, Kihwan 2yrs old. We live in Fuchu-shi about a mile from our old rival, ASIJ.

I guess this is what Randy was looking for.

Hope to hear from the others.


-- Han-Jun Kim (, March 12, 2001.

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