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An enclosed storage area of my basement is available for a darkroom. This storage area has a small basement window and two doors (one louvered), which would have to be light-blocked. Of course, I could create a smaller permanent darkroom within this space with walls and a light-tight door, but I don't really want to go that route at this point. What is the best way to block the light from the window and the two doors (especially the louvered door)? Or, alternatively, is there a way I could enclose the darkroom area without going the route of constructing permanent walls.

-- Brad Fuller (, March 10, 2001


Brad, i am 14 years old, and have recently built a darkroom in my house, the best way to block light in a problem darkroom is to cover small cracks with black mat ducktape, or larger areas with light proof clothe which can be found a local photo shop. if you are unable to find that, try and find some thick cloth like wool.(whcih can me expensive, you can use any black thick cloth) for doors and windows install a rubber threshhold at the bottom and glue some thick rubber to both, the frame and the door itself. if you have any more questions then e-mail me at and i will try to help you. thanks

-- Andrew Noah (, February 22, 2002.


There's an even simpler solution than the one proposed by our young friend. Go to Home Depot. Go to the paint section. Look for and buy 6 mil black plastic sheeting. 4 mil is ok, but I like the heavier one myself. It should not cost more than $10. Get some velcro strips and attach one half to the plastic sheeting and the other half in strategic spots around the opening you want to cover. This works.

-- Frank J. Schifano (, April 28, 2002.

I built a darkroom and had a big bay window that was the source of light. I bought one sheet of High R foam insulation board. It is about 3/4" thick and can be cut with a single edge razzor blade. cut to fit over the glass but iside the frame. squeese it in to place and use aluminum tape to seal the edge. works great. I painted the outside black so that looking through the window one thinks the room is dark.

-- dennis (, June 19, 2002.

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