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If you could go back to school and take anything you wanted, what would you do?

-- Sherry (sherina@masc.ca), March 06, 2001


I took quite a few extra curricular courses while in school (computer programming, insurance, cost of money, intro to law 101 - or whatever). If I returned today, I would probably take a few computer courses, but I wouldn't load up on them. My strongest inclination would be to take courses to enable me to set up a private business along with related accounting, advertising, etc.). Corporations are stupidly firing all their best employees (economy move? yeah - right). It is not going to be impossible to compete with these jerks and make some serious money. You need the tools to be able to do it though.

-- Richard Walker (rlwalker@granis.net), March 06, 2001.


To be honest, I wouldn't know.

I'm getting my graduate for Informatics (programming) right now trough night classes just so I would have it and a chance to apply for al those highly paid jobs out there, just for that reason.

To be a little humble at the same time, I should add that I've learned little to nothing new there, since I'm already doing the job this course would qualify me for for over 6 years without having the proper piece of paper proving my qualification.

What I would like to learn ? Sometimes I dream about science, working in laboratories trying to find cures for diseases, playing with DNA and that sort of stuff, but I'm sure I'm way too stupid for that. Since I don't have a memory, even if I discovered something, I wouldn't even remember how I got there well enough to achieve something out of it.

So I'll just keep sitting behind my computer typing up various pieces of software for now.

Good luck in your future plans mrs Carter ;-)



-- Wim Van Oudenhove (wvanoudenhove@ip-globalnet.com), March 07, 2001.

If i didn't have to worry about being at all practical, i would take a few English courses to read some of those books i mentioned already. I would love to take some Anthropology courses because i'm curious about the culture of Aboriginals. Archaeology is, to me, one of the single most exciting worlds out there, because you end up building the history that we don't get to read about in first-hand accounts.

Of course if i could really do *anything* at all, i'd be training at NASA right now for my first launch into space and i'd be climbing over people to sign up to colonize Mars.

-- Sherry (sherry@masc.ca), March 07, 2001.

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