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Dear Sir Could you explain to me how to print a photo on plate , ceramics , mug or maybe glasses ...? I heard that we can use chemical call emulsion liqiuid. Will you please explain to me how to do the process..???is it as same as we print on normal paper , using super broom for developer and acifix..???? Thanks for giving me an acces to this forum , and thanks for answer my question I really appreciate

best regard Johnny

-- Johnny Suwandi (, March 06, 2001



Its been awhile since I used any liquid emulsion, but as a I recall, its a pretty simple process. There are several manufacturers who produce an emulsion in a bottle. You should be able to purchase the product at any pro photo store. You could also get liquid emulsion products from companies like B&H and the photographers formulary. The Formulary is a great resource for just about any type of photo chemistry you could ever think of.

The liquid emulsion can be brushed on or rolled on will a glass roller. It should be heated up before application since, it usually contains a gelatin emulsion which spreads much easier when heated up.

I believe you can work with the material in standard B&W safelight condition (OC safelight.) Simply spread the emultion on the surface and allow to dry. Then expose a negative on the surface and develop in any standard paper developer. Stop with Acetic acid and fix with the standard paper fixer of your choice. You can also tone the image using selenium or gold chloride toners.

Hope this helps


-- Don Sigl (, May 28, 2002.

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