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QotM: If you were suddenly told you would be given $1000 a month, tax free, for life... what would you do with it?

-- ElaineMc (cabal@overactivei.net), March 04, 2001


Gah. What would I do? Probably get someplace to live big enough that I could hold all the stuff that an extra thousand a month would allow me to buy. Like books. And jewelry. And I might even be good and invest some of it.

-- Tina (shedwyn@enteract.com), March 04, 2001.

Ooh. Horrible as it sounds, $1000 isn't a lot. I couldn't, for instance, buy a house with it (I could pay a little more for a house, maybe). On the other hand, I could do things like buy the computer toys I want, pay bills with it, take the trips I want, etc. And having it for life would be good, because some months I probably wouldn't do anything with it, while other months I'd spend way more than $1000.

I might go to school with it, too. Again, it wouldn't pay for my whole tuition, but it would make a good chunk in it.

I could also make some decent contributions to some of my favorite charities.


-- Jeanne (jdevore@enteract.com), March 05, 2001.

Live very frugally on it until I finished my @#$% dissertation. And then . . . use it to supplement my income so that I had more options (the most interesting things to do with one's life are not always well-paying).


-- Catherine (cas47@columbia.edu), March 05, 2001.

See, now, $1K a month is, for me, a comfortable income-- which says a lot about where Jeanne and I live, respectively. *g*

Anyway, I'd sink about half of it into some kind of long-term savings, and the rest into a short-term, putting it towards different projects-- a new computer, emergency funds, etc.

-- Elaine (cabal@overactivei.net), March 05, 2001.

$1000 a month, huh? Hm. Well...that would leave me free to go back to school (with a part-time job still) and still, like, afford rent and food and stuff. Though while I'm working full-time, I'd probably put half of it into savings and save the other half for cons and stuff. Not that I ever spend any money at cons, no, not me...

-- Miriam (mrrocke@ucdavis.edu), March 06, 2001.

I would get a home based business going to create personalized comic books,with pictures from collected photographs of the individual and related personal history ie: likes, dislikes, quirks,habits..(good & bad),created for a specific person, for parties, birthdays,weddings, anniveraries retirement etc. Ive already done some of these with very good response. Great gift idea. But then I've been called "nuts, dreamer, loser", So what?

-- Bill Mercier (bondo@cfl.rr.com), March 07, 2001.

Well, each month I'd put twenty percent into savings, give ten percent to the church (tithing), use another twenty percent each month to pay down my horrendous debts. The rest I'd use for things like a car payment, and (at leat for the first month) by a TV, then go buy whatever my heart wants (CDs, stuffed animals, beanies, books, art supplies, writing supplies, and the list goes on and on and on....

-- Irish (irish@overactivei.net), March 10, 2001.

If I had an extra 1K a month, I would take 80% and hand it over to an energetic daytrader. I would the other $200.00 to make my current lifestyle a tad more comfortable (ie: less Ramen noodles). After a year of hopefully profitable investing, I would have a pretty decent down payment on a house. Oh yeah, I'd also buy an disgustingly expensive pair of black leather boots.

-- Ingrid (tindy4@juno.com), March 18, 2001.

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