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Hey I made a VCD using several music videos that i downloaded from the internet. The first track plays on my DVD player but i cant seem to get to the other tracks. Is this something i did or can a VCD only contain one track? Thanks

-- Gef Frost (, March 04, 2001


A VCD can contain many tracks. What software are you using to burn the CD? some are having trouble with Adaptec. I use Nero version 5 and have no trouble. In the software somewhere it should state the length of each MPEG file you have added to be burned. Make sure a length is stated. I have added clips that do not indicate a length and these clips will not play. The reason the length is missing is that the clip is not recorded to the VCD spec.

hope this helps

-- Steeler (, March 04, 2001.

Hi Steeler is correst, to encode your mpg files to vcd specification you should use xing mpeg encode.

-- S.Khan (, March 08, 2001.

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