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I have been using Nero 4.0 to burn VCDs with no problem on my PC. Recently I downloaded the Nero 5.0 to try if I could do SVCD. However the installed Nero 5.0 does not work for me. Every time I ask to do a write operation such as erase a CD-RW or burn a CD it hang-up. Then I had to rebood my PC. The following are the configurations:

HP Pavilion 4455 PC with Celeron 400MHz. Windows 98. Hi-Val H4424A-15R CD-WR drive (this is in Nero's supported drive list). Installed software drive is "LG CD-RW CED-8042B". I uninstalled Adaptec EZ CD creator and HotBurn before I installed Nero. Also I manually renamed possible driver files under c:\windows\system\iosubsys instructed in Nero's web site's "helptool". The CD-RW is at secondary slave IDE. I tried Nero and with the same result.

Anybody had the same experience? Have you solved the problem? Thanks for any help or suggestions.

-- Shuo Huang (, March 03, 2001


May be should try setting your CD-RW as the master in the computer and the normal CD-Rom as the slave. Also if you know where to download Full Movies online please tell Me

-- Chow, Josh (, March 06, 2001.


Thanks for your suggestion. Guess what? I tried it and it worked! It looks like that Nero 5.0 only works with CD-RW at master IDE.

It sounds logical ---- It works for master, not for slave.

Thanks again. Good luck to find downloadable movies.


-- Shuo Huang (, March 09, 2001.

4 Your movies try bearshare.

-- Cedric Barrett (, April 12, 2001.

hey shou i have that problem also...i dont know about computer but could you explain step by step on how you did it? howd you configure it as master on cd-rw? thanx

-- poy (, April 13, 2001.


First of all, you need to understand the buses of IDE. There are two ribon cables come from your computer's mother board. One is IDE primary bus, the other is IDE secondary bus. Each cable connects to up to two IDE devices. Out of these two devices one is connected as the MASTER, the other is connected as Slave. The hard disk must be connected to the primary bus as the master if you have only one. Usually the CD drives are connected to the secondary bus. If you have two CD drives (one read-only and one writer) usually you connect them on the secondary bus, one as the master and the other as the slave. For Nero 5.0 to work with your CD writer you have to connect the CD writer as the master.

How? Each IDE cable has one connector to the mother board side. And one or two connectors to the drive side. The connector at the end of the drive side is the Master connector. The one at the middle is the Slave connector. What you need to do is to connect your two CD drives on correct connectors. You should set the jumpers on the CD drives as "Cable Select", or "CS".

If the cable's length is limited so that you have to connect your CD writer to the middle connector and CD reader to the end connector you can still configure the writer as the Master. Just set the jumpers on the writer to "Master" or "MA", and set the jumers on the reader to "Slave" or "SL". Then they will be happy regardless of the connector positions.

It is very important not to configue both as master or both as slave. If so you will have both not working.

Hope you can solve your problem.

-- Shuo (, April 13, 2001.


-- pancho pantera (, September 11, 2003.

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