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--I have put this forum up for folks either needing help or more information because of a disaster, or for folks who might be in a position to help. It's open to the public, so no guarantees or warranties implied, of course. Caveat emptor. You do your own research back abnd forth, this is the internet, adult common sense rules apply. Todays earthquake inspired this, but it's not limited to "just" this earthquaske in seattle area.. No general purpose posts, this is ONLY for volunteer networking.

Thanks and I hope it proves useful!

-- zog (zog@siteowners.com), February 28, 2001


--glad you found it! Hoping other folks will make use of this for networking or whatever, or even post links to various help agencies or info sources to try and take adbvantage of various databses, etc.

-- zog (zog@siteowners.com), March 08, 2001.

hello zog: thanks. I am just adding a "heads-up" in the event someone checks in here. - Heard today on the radio news at 2:30pm that "...the power supply this summer will be disasterous in Calif...." Did some price comparising for fuel backups. -- 4Him

-- orion (ba_2000ad@yahoo.com), March 07, 2001.

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