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A note of thanks to forum members! Back in December I asked members of this forum for advice on teaching photography, as I was about to begin my first classes at the local junior college. To my delight, I received numerous tips and suggestions. I am having the time of my life with the photography classes and the students are having a ball. It was wonderful when the "bells began ringing and the lights went on" in their heads. I have some really good beginning photographers and I feel that using the input from the forum helped a lot. The 90 minute classes fly by quickly and the kids are working my butt off trying to keep up with their questions and looking at prints. I have never looked at so many dripping prints in my life, and it's wonderful. Thanks to all, and if you ever get the chance to teach photography, jump at the chance.


-- Doug Paramore (, February 27, 2001


It's good to hear that it is going well, Doug. I'm sure you will make a positive impact on many people.

-- Joseph Wasko (, February 27, 2001.

Great to hear that things are going so well in your class. I also am happy to hear the words of encouragment that you have offered all of us in getting involved with other newcomers to photography. Should you have any particulary interesting topics or revelations during one of these classes I, and I believe others would like to hear about them via this forum. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us here and looking forward to the day you take "the show on the road". :>))

Keep up the good work, Professor Paramore

-- GreyWolf (, February 27, 2001.

I remember many years ago sitting in my first real serious photography class. We had to have mounted prints up on a critique board. The professor walked in and picked up prints and started bending them until they cracked off the mount board. Never even talked about the print he was holding. Just walked around talking about the other prints on the board until the one he was holding failed. He then would go get another one. Certainly got everyones attention. Just a suggestion for when you get to the dry mounting class. congratulations Doug. Kevin

-- Kevin Kolosky (, February 28, 2001.

Its good to hear that photography classes are going well. It restores my faith. I recently dropped out of a conceptual photography class that was 25% photography and the rest was the instructor's self-indulgent psycho-babble and pseudo-intellectual claptrap. I feel much better now.


-- David N. VanMeter (, February 28, 2001.

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