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I've heard of a kind of film that takes photos in only black and white. Zero gray. This intrigues me, greatly. I'm very, very curious. If anyone knows anything about this e-mail me and I'll thank you soooooo much.


-- nic sampico (, February 26, 2001


Yes the film is called Ektagraphic HC Slide film (HCS for short). It's available in 35mm 36 exposure rolls. It's designed for copying line drawings and text, and for making B&W title slides. You'll find it at most Kodak Professional Stock House dealers. The fim speed depends on the type of developer used. Kodak recomends Kodalith HC or D-11. Agaain you'll need to locate a Kodak Stock House dealer. They are not stocked at you frendly Wolf's camera. Regards, LG

-- Lynn Gregory (, December 10, 2001.

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