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I feel that for the amount of material we are expected to know for exams there should be more of a review time, or a review sheet targeting the areas that we the students will be tested on. I find that this is a lot of material to be covered and this approach would be very beneficial. I know that other students in the Great lakes class feel the same way. Thank you Bettina McIntyre

-- Bettina McIntyre (Daisygirl@zlink.net), February 22, 2001


Thank you for making a comment. I wish students would ask questions, and make the instructors explain any topics the students don't understand fully, every day. If students are waiting until a few days before the test to go over notes and see what questions they have about the material, it's probably too late. Students need to keep up with the material on a daily basis. This should be the case in every course you take in college. At the beginning of each class we ask for questions about the material we covered earlier, and I don't think there have been more than one or two questions all semester. At the review session Wednesday, students were packing up to leave 5 minutes or more before class was over. There weren't any more questions. Maybe students in the class who want to review the material need to tell the other students to sit tight so that you have the opportunity to ask questions for the full time we have class. Also, the idea behind the quizzes is to give you an idea of how we take material from the notes and make up a test. The quiz is short, and the rest of that period is supposed to be for review. So, prior to the first test we had 2 periods with extensive time for review. This discussion on-line is supposed to be a place where students can ask us questions and we can provide additional explanations. As you can see, you are the only one who has used it, and since your post came in the night before the test, even if you had asked a specific question so that we could review a topic, few people would have read it before the test. The notes on the notes page are an outline of what you need to know for the test. Each one can serve as a "review sheet" for the topics we covered in lecture. In any class, an exam does not ask questions about everything covered, but asks questions from a subset of the material covered in class. That doesn't mean you're not expected to know and master all the material that was covered (if you want an "A")! So, study your notes on a daily basis. When you find things that are unclear, bring them up in class (or by e-mail, or by a visit to the instructor's office hours, etc.) right away -- do not wait until the review session before the exam! The instructors will discuss ways we can have more review time at our next meeting. I hope this helps the situation.

-- Sharon Gabel (gabel@oswego.edu), February 23, 2001.

I feel the same way. We are expected to know a lot of material and I find it impossible to study. A review sheet would be VERY beneficial! Thanks!

-- Christina Edwards (dance10481@aol.com), April 08, 2001.

I agree. A review sheet would definitely make a difference.

-- Jamie Tifft (Freshair@rochester.rr.com), April 11, 2001.

Well, I guess I have a small comment. One morning while I was in class, one student became "outraged" so to speak, regarding the difficulty of the exams in this class. He spoke of some "teacher certification exam" that was not as difficult as these exams. No offense intended for anyone, but these tests are not that hard at all. Go to class, read the notes on the web, and go through the P.P.T. presentations, and one should do fine. I am a computer science major working toward the B.S. degree, and have taken Calculus I, II, III, Matrix Algebra, Discrete Math, and some Computer Science courses that define the word difficult. So, If anyone wants to complain about these bio tests, they are simply NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH.. Take CS classes if you want something to whine about...

-- Kieran S. Hagzan (hagzan@oswego.edu), May 04, 2001.


CS. is your major. HR is mine. Bio isn't either of ours. Ive spent hours on end studying for this class and it definitely took away from my HR courses. You can NOT compare your major classes with these gen. ed requirements.

-- Jamie (Freshair@rochester.rr.com), May 09, 2001.



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