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Ethical systems create "Actual value" of the natural resources. Ethical systems, as corporations are, do not inherently promote environmental preservation or increase of natural resources; only moral systems, as people are, inherently promote environmental preservation and increase natural resources.

Ethical systems exist to allow us to live our moral values. So my question now becomes, How might an ethical system come to honor our moral values?

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2001


If corporations are suppliers of the demands of the population, then they can be called ethical systems. When established corporations manipulate the will of the consumers to generate more profits without considering the ill-effects of their marketing in the long term overall health of their consumers, they lose the title of Ethical systems.

A true ethical system is one that allows free will for the induividual consumers and uses the social aspects of personality to promote goodwill while achieving company profit.

The Global Resource Bank gives a basic income for each person to allow for the development of individuals into their natural born tendencies and talents. So, instead of having persons pursue careers that are not aligned with their personality, they are free to choose a lifestyle path that will give them personal satisfaction, and subsequently promote harmony in their local environment.


-- Anonymous, February 23, 2001

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