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I have a HO layout, kato track, with a lot of switches. DCC operation. 2 MRC controls, 8 amp power. When I run 5 or 6 trains I get an intermitant stopping and starting of some trains. I have the switches set fot the power to pass through them. I have power going to several locations around the layout. Thanks Todd

-- Todd Fulbright (, February 11, 2001


Power routing through switches is always prone to poor electrical contact. You need to provide track feeders on all three legs of the switch, and between switches when stacked end to end. You may need to provide switched power to the frogs with certain brands. Metal rail joiners can also be poor electrical contact. Make sure that each rail joiner is tight. Provide feeder drops about every 6 ft for HO scale. Solder rail joints to minimize problems.

It is also possible that train #1 is causing momentary track shorts when running through a switch. Trains 2 & 3 will also be affected as they will see a momentary loss of DCC track power. See various websites for making DCC friendly switches.


-- Don Vollrath (, February 12, 2001.

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