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Hi Everyone

My Sister just brought me a 100-300mm Vitacon Lense from Singapore 3 days ago. I have a minolta 404si , I was wondering is this lense made by minolta.(I was on the understand it was a minolta lenses from what the sales person told her. How much should have I paid for this lens.

Regards Paul Vernon

-- Paul (pvernon@mcc.wa.edu.au), February 06, 2001


Hi Paul,

Vitacon is one of the third party lenses maker (i.e. sigma, tamron, etc). This lens is not from Minolta, they have a Minolta lens mounting to fit Minolta camera, i.e. 404si.

I am not sure of the price.


Lieu from Singaproe

-- Lieu WL (lieu9310@pacific.net.sg), May 15, 2001.

Hi Paul,

I was sorry to read that your sister was misled by the salesperson. This is certainly not made by Minolta. If you are not ready to buy original, I personally think you should at least stick to SIGMA and TAMRON. Why? Well, you've got yourself a pretty good AF SLR already with good metering and exposure abilities.... all you need is a good lens.

OK, it has been quite a

-- chris lau (kiat_l@yahoo.com), May 20, 2001.

Hi Paul,

I was sorry to read that your sister was misled by the salesperson. This is certainly not made by Minolta. If you are not ready to buy original, I personally think you should at least stick to SIGMA and TAMRON. Why? Well, you've got yourself a pretty good AF SLR already with good metering and exposure abilities.... all you need is a good lens.

OK, it has been quite a few months now after the purchase. How is the result of the lens and the body??


-- chris lau (kiat_l@yahoo.com), May 20, 2001.

Hello Sir,

I have the same VITACON lens as your sister's. The sale guy said it was from minolta. Do you get more information regarding VITACON lens? What about the VITACON lens, Is good?



-- (wangxin_fj@sina.com), May 27, 2001.

I bought a Vitacon 28-210 lens with a Pentax K af Mount in Singapore in December 1999. It has been all round Australia, Fiji, USA, Patagonia since that time and has never let me down. I paid 95.00 for it new. It is a very satisfactory instrument. I wouldn't be without it.

Regards, Roddy Check out www.ralbdirect.com

-- Roderick A L Braggins (ralb@silversmith.fsnet.co.uk), June 29, 2001.

I am glad to say the lens is working fine and is a great lens :-) I am still happy with the purchase my sister made for me.

Does vitacon have a website?

Thanks for all the replies Paul Vernon

-- Paul Vernon (pvernon@mcc.wa.edu.au), August 05, 2001.

Hi Paul, Judging from your answer, I guess your sister never specifically inquired if Vitacon Lens she bought for you was made by Minolta, which the shopkeeper would probably tell her its third party company licensed by Minolta to produce its compatible lens. On the box of the Vitacon lens, it should also be specified that the lens is licensed, but never mentioned manufactured by Minolta.

Coincidentally, I have the same Vitacon 100-300mm lens and Minolta 404si, only buying the lens yesterday, though the camera was bought 2 months ago. Its supposed to be a pretty good lens, though inferior to Sigma lens (which is also another third party company licensed by Minolta). From the feedback I get about Vitacon lens, its apparantly reliable and its results are pretty good. Of course, you can't compare it with Nikon or Sigma lens, which are a class of its own.

-- Yeo Colin (yeocw@singnet.com.sg), September 05, 2001.

The Vitacon brand is registered to Photo & Consumer investment Pte.Ltd., a Singaporean company. It is not related to Minolta.

-- Vincent (Vinnie@hotmail.com), September 28, 2001.

Hello fellow Vitacon users,

I have ust bought a Minolta Maxxum StSi (The same as 404 Si) in Singapore. At the same time a bought a Vitacon 28-210 zom lens. I have now spend two rolls of film testing the lens, and I must admit that I am very dissapointet. I have just recently startet to become interested in photgraphy, so I don't really have muc experienc to relate to, but still. Many of my pictures have black corners, which I suspect is due to the lens. If I use the build in flash, the lens casts a shadow on the picture. When the lens is used at 210 zoom, the pictures are very blurred...this one might have to do we me limited experience within the art of photography....maybe a faster shutter speed?

Please give me some advise, may it atually does not have to do with the lens. At the moment I am considering to by to lenses, say 28-80 and 80-210 of another brand, but which...Miolta?

Thank you

-- Rune Sylow (runesylow@hotmail.com), October 10, 2001.

Wow, are there really others who has a Vitacon out there? I've been searching the web for almost a year to find information on my 35- 300mm. My parents bought it in Spain and it was supposed to fit with Canon AE-1, but light is slipping through between the lense and the house. Vitacon is totally unknown here in Norway as well.

I finally found Galileo Telescopes in India. They have just recently started importing a few models for domestic sale. They get them from Photo & Consumer Products in Singapore, but told me they are not the manufacturer. Also it is supposed to be made in Japan.

I've sent an e-mail for Photo & Consumer Products (photocon@singnet.com.sg) today, asking for info on the manufacturer. To a Polish company selling Vitacon filters as well. I'll check in again as soon as I know something, if ever...

- Line :-)

-- Line Kristin Woldbeck (Line@jgf.no), October 30, 2001.

I have also been looking for information. I was recently in Singapore and ourchased a Minolta STsi with a Vitacon 28-210mm. I requested a SIGMA but the sales guy told me that the Vitacon was better. (should have done my homework) However I might have some info that can help. I recently saw a Cosina lense 28-210 in a local paper. The lense looks identical to the Vitacon lense even down to the lense hood. The colour and specs are identicle. I have checked the Cosina website and the lense looks like a match. Refer to www.cosina.com They are a Japanese manufactuere who I beleive manufacture several of the generic lenses including Vitacon. I have emailed Cosina and am awaiting a response. The good news is that I have just shot a roll of film and am pleased with the result. There is some very slight shadowing at the corner of a couple of the photo's but is only noticeable because the shot has a white background. Any comments would be appreciated.


PS. I am still not happy with the sales guy as my understanding is that SIGMA lenses are definitely better...

-- Mike Higgins (higginsclan@xtra.co.nz), October 31, 2001.

Hi, I too bought a Vitacon 100-400 lens for my Minolta SLR in 1998. I shot more than 60+ rolls and very much satisfied with its color contrast. Sometimes it darkens the corners with the Polarizing filter but that can be easily solved by changing the focal length. I feel that it works good for the low price. Sigma, Nikor lenses...Hmm, they are priced a bit high and this lens comes in handy for Amateurs.

-- Raj (rajipuns@yahoo.com), November 08, 2001.

Hi all,

I have been using a Minonta 404si for about two years now. Bought a 100-300mm Cosina (i think its the same as the Vitacon third party ones). As an amatuer, i really have to agree that spending more time with whatever equipment you have do play an important role in producing better images. My pictures using this lens i must say is really bad!!!- why??? because i don't understand the lens enough....

Only recently that i decide to characterise the lens that i have by trying out different films (speed) and techniques.

With a camera like the 404si(exposure metering is a breeze (99% accurate)- trust me. Plus a long (but rather slow lens) one need to know how to overcome such problems - like playing with shutter speed & aperture.

From all the tests that i have done, i recommend the following :

- ASA-400 Konica Centuria (for ASA 100 use others not konica - i don't know why......) - use the lens in auto mode (use the program mode and select infinity,portrait,fast or night shot accordingly) - Use a tripod stand (A MUST)- you will be surprise on the quality of the images - in some cases - you can hang a pouch on the lens to reduce the vibration if you use those hollow aluminium tripod. - Frame the picture and set the focus by using a REMOTE RELEASE CORD (minolta have it in two lengths) - Pre-press the shutter for metering and adjust the shutter speed one speed lower (lower) or the aperture one stop lower - for dark shady conditions. - Use a fill flash (ones with the zoommable swivel ones) - good sleep = good eyesight

The above stuff that i mention should give you quite an ASTONISHING result......try it out you would be able to enjoy more with the 100- 300mm "lower end" lens that you have.......and spend more time on looking for subjects and framing....

not worry of wasting monwy on new lens ....

just a tip from me....

regards, Sulhan

-- sulhan (dopant99@hotmail.com), January 16, 2002.

Here is the websit for Photo & Consumer company which owns the Vitacon brand.

-- S (coolguy@yahoo.com), March 11, 2002.

Here is the websit for Photo & Consumer company which owns the Vitacon brand.


-- S (coolguy@yahoo.com), March 11, 2002.


I just found out all about the Vitacon from reading all of the comments above. I bought a Vitacon 28 - 210 when I was in Singapore and my husband has cracked the mounting which I need to get fixed. My local camera shop told me it was unrepairable due to no spare parts being available. Does anyone have any ideas where I could go next? Thanks Kath

-- Kathleen Notley (kath_notley@hotmail.com), May 06, 2002.

i bought a vitacon lens 28-210 in singapore in 99. i have also crcked the mounting like Kath and also i cannot find the spare part. i saw a shop in Italy and a very good specialist in Paris. he couldn't find the spare...

-- JT Ozanne (jthomas_ozanne@hotmail.com), June 19, 2002.

I would like to provide follow-up to a posting I provided earlier about my damaged Vitacon. I was unable to get a camera repair shop to service it so I emailed the company in Singapore. The company was most helpful and offered to repair my lens mounting for free if I could send it to them and pay return postage.

My lens was returned within 2 weeks and the mounting was replaced with a sturdier replacement - metal rather than plastic. I am most impressed with the service and am glad that I have a happy ending to my tale. I think that my Vitacon lens is great and provides me with great photos.


-- Kathleen Notley (kath_notley@hotmail.com), October 28, 2002.

I had never heard about Vitacon lenses since yesterday, when I saw a 19-35 mm Vitacon lens in a shop near my house. The salesman told me it is made by Vivitar. The price is really good, but I do not know anything about this lens. Is there someone who can tell me something about it?

Thank you very much.


-- Francesco Nappi (f.nappi@inail.it), September 03, 2003.

I have a Vitacon macro/wide angle lens combo that attaches perfectly to my digital Canon A40 camera, and am perfectly pleased with the performance,

Bought in Singapore Late 2002, and adds some usefull features to an already splendid camera, with a well matching adaptor all for $200AU.

Perhaps I paid too much for it, as at the end of my holiday I was tired of haggling, and could have paid less.

Limited by the expertise of the operator, nonetheless some very good photos have resulted.

Extra light is essential when adding glass to any camera !!!



-- Peter (poverlie@bigpond.net.au), December 23, 2003.

I purchased a Vitacon 28 -210 mm lens with my Minolta Dynax 300 si over 4 years ago in Singapore , from Eddie at the Lucky Plaza. Have used it in USA , England ,Australia, New Zealand ,Fiji , Singapore and other countries and had great results. Shot over 100 rolls with no problems. I also was lead to believe that the lens was from Minolta.

-- Pete Couchman (petejanice1@xtra.co.nz), May 18, 2004.

hi, i have bought vitacon 0.45 x wide angle in malaysia one week ago the salesman tell me that is better than nokia lens. he char me for the lent 250 USA dollars. he tell me that if i founded cheaper in other place he will return my money back. So i found nokia lens for 50 dollars i went to the store he did not return my money back but he give me vitacom 2.0 x telephoto lens. So i advice any one travel to asia becarful with what you buy and check the prices in many places before you pay, and do not belive in money back. by the way he charme 100 dollars for a camera charger and the i foun in other stores for just 40 dallar. i just hope that this lents are good..

-- aileen (findone@hotmail.com), June 23, 2004.

hi, be careful of this black shop in singapore. "I HAVE BEEN CHEATED"

i have bought vitacon 0.45 x wide angle with sony dcr-pc330e video cam and VF-R37K Filter kit in singapore at (song brother) 1 rochor canal road sim lim square #01-59/60. he char me for the total price for the three item at SGD$2614 including 5% GST.(TOTAL AMOUNT IS $2490) on 4 jul 2004.

The sony dcr-pc330e video cam in sim lim square shop cost about Sgd$2050 (GST not include ) as i tour around to ask for it price.

The sony dcr-pc330e video camcorder itself which he (song brother shop) charg me about Sgd$2050 (GST not include). Then VF-R37K Filter kit about SGD$50 GST not include. Which mean the vitacon 0.45 x wide angle cost me about $390 GST not include.

I then found out that the Vitacon 0.45 x wide angle at this website (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ViewItem&item=3827852293&category=29964) cost about u.s dollar $60 only ABOUT SGD $110++.

i have been cheated. i still have the receipt on my hand to prove that these three item cost me SGD$2490 GST NOT include.

As i look carefully for the description on the receipt it is written as (GROBARTING 0.45X WIDE ANGLE VIDEO LENS).

-- lee poh (winfirst21@yahoo .com), July 15, 2004.

I Want to lense vitacon form thailand

-- dachar (pp_prod@mweb.co.th), August 31, 2004.

I made the mistake of buying the lens without knowing enough because I was buying a zoom lens as a gift to a special friend.

I ended up getting the Vitacon zoom lens from the photography shop for S$350. Originally, the shopkeeper that sold it to me at S$350 tried to sell it to me for S$550, and then S$450 before agreeing to S$350. Then, I later found another camera shop that had a Nikor Nikon zoom lens (with more zoom range) for S$450, and the shopkeeper at that second store told me I had paid way too much for the Vitacon.

I went back to the first shop, tried to get a refund (which they refused), but after 15 minutes of talking, and another 10 minutes or so of waiting, I got S$100 back, making the price S$250 (approx. USD $140).

I think I might still have overpaid, but it doesn't feel so bad now. :-/

-- Joseph Chiu (nospamjoechiunospam@nospamjoechiu.comnospam), September 27, 2004.

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