i installd philps svcd toolset & svcd designer and both of them gives me an error messege and do not open

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i have installed philips SVCD Designer & Toolset and both of them gives me an error messege : "this application or DLL Can not be loaded on win 95 or win 3.11. it takes advantage of unicode features only available in win NT". i know this software works on win 98 so what's the problem. it has another error messege right after the first one: "the MFC42U.DLL file cannot start. check the file to determine the problem". what that means. i realy want to use this software so please tell me how to solve this problem. PLEASE!! THANKS IN ADVANCE. EREZ.

-- erez (erez1409@netvision.net.il), February 05, 2001


the error msg tells you the problem. install it win 98 or even NT.

-- kellyc (kellyc@pqafrica.co.za), February 06, 2001.


You'll find your answer at the very bottom, search for & delete the MFC42U.DLL & your problems will be gone.

-- Donna Stefani (donnamstefani@hotmail.com), January 13, 2003.

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