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Public web pages need to support a wide variety of platforms and client software (brands and versions of browser program accessing the web pages). For Dynamic HTML, JavaScript is the de facto standard for client side scripting. Compatibility with non-JavaScript1.2-enabled browsers (8%) is necessary. Admin pages or intranet pages known to use the recent browsers from Microsoft or have a VBScript plug-in in place for Netscape (or other brand) can use VBScript on the client side as well, which can be more aesthetically pleasing from the code view point. Using client-side VBScript may be preferable for intranets in some cases. 93% of web visitors use browsers version 4 or higher; 71% are using MSIE 4 or 5, 21% are using NN 4, and about 5% are using down-level browsers (versions 3 and earlier). 90% are using Windows (9x, NT, or 2k).

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2001

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