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My husband had a house repossed about 8yrs ago (before l met him). We have been married for 5yrs. In oct of 1999 we started to get letters from Eversheds saying that they had been instructed by Nationwide Building Society to recover a shortfall of 40,357. These letters were ignored by my husband untill they started to get insistant and mostly through sheer terror of the unknown we caved in and replied. This was followed up by filling in an expenditure form and making an offer of 10 per month. This was at first refused but was later accepted when we told them to go ahead and take him to court. We have know been sent a further form to fill in listing our finances and we are not going to fill it in. My husband does have a job, but we have a young family (including a terminally ill child) and l am terrified that we will be left on the bread line if they want more money or taken to court or imprisoned. Please advise us what to do ,l know that we have not helped matters by making the offer to pay and paying this for 8mths. My Husband paid 26,000 for the house it was sold for 13,000 and they say he owes 40,357. Thanks

-- Carolyn Preston (, January 19, 2001


Read this site thoroughly and follow the advice. If they want more information from you then you have every right to expect them to supply you with more info. Just keep asking for proof of everything and DON'T fill in their form. If they were that willing to back down before when you told them to see you in court then I would doubt if their position has changed. They really don't want to go to court (they've already proved this) and so any threats that they make can be taken as just intimidation tactics. Just make them justify themselves, it's hard work but you really put them on the spot. Good Luck Tim

-- Tim Heath (, January 19, 2001.

I would see your MP, given your circumstances. A growing number of MPs are very concerned about these tactics. If you do not know your MP go to the House of Commons web site and you can find out via FAQs.

My own MP has been very helpful and supportive.

-- Eleanor Scott (, January 20, 2001.

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