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So, how the heck are ya? Is your day going well?


-- Travis (, January 18, 2001


my day is good, travis. according to a bathroom stall i've recently read, it says "tuna in your pocket makes you happy." Do you think this is true? Do you have tuna in your pocket?


-- bob (, February 14, 2001.

Ok.. I gotta say first of all how surprised I was there was an answer in here. Next I have to say, whatever flips your switch. Tuna in my pocket that was un-canned would probably not make me happy. Unless maybe I was borrowing the coat of someone I didn't like.

-- Travis (, February 14, 2001.

It's going quite well so far -- and yours?

Oh, and Travis, you were born the day after me. That just struck me as cool -- because I have far too much free brain space.

-- Mary Ellen (, April 11, 2001.

Where ya born in or near Oakland, CA. Maybe we are twins.

-- Travis (, April 11, 2001.

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