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Somewhere along the line, I "inherited" a Hamilton Beach/ Scovill 4-quart Crock Watcher, which has a removable crock, but no owner's manual. It has 4 settings, high, low, off, and "auto shift". Does anyone know what auto shift is? Sorry in advance if this is a stupid question!! Jack

-- jack (, January 16, 2001


Jack, I belive your pot is capable of two settings, thus the "shift" - but how ot set, ah there's the rub... Here is the place to go for the info (perhaps)

Toll-Free Customer Service Numbers USA: 1-800-851-8900 Canada: 1-800-267-2826 Mexico: 01 800 71 16 100 For additional information simply call 1-800-851-8900.

-- Willy Allen (, January 16, 2001.

Jack - my crock-pot isn't Hamilton Beach, but FWIW auto on mine cooks at high for two hours, then down to low 'til you shut it off.

-- Polly (, January 16, 2001.

I have the Hamilton Beach 5 qt crock pot with the auto setting...this means you can cook on high for 2 hours and it automatically cuts back to low setting for the remainder of the cooking time.It works grat..this is my 3rd one like it with the auto settings...this is what I have found that works best.

-- Lena Crown (, January 11, 2002.

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