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Ness Creek Board of Directors Meeting - December 17th/00

Present: Kathi, Brenda R., Brenda G., Kerri, Gord, Mark, Barry, Michael Regrets: Matt, Sharon, Oriol, Glen, Jayson

1. Agenda. Move that the BOD adopt the Agenda. Brenda G/Mark. Carried

2. Minutes. Move that the BOD adopt the minutes from last months’ meeting. Michael/Brenda R.. Carried

3. Committee Budgets. Budgets submitted are as follows: Gate (Lorne) $1,046.08 First Aid (Barry) $320.00 Environment (Jon) $1,000.00 Site (Gord/Matt) $17,000.00 (1st Aid incl) Entertainment (Kerri) $36,500.00 (incl:mnstg,wkshps,MC,Stg Mgr,sound) Youth $1,000.00 CSC (Oriol) $1,700.00 Children’s (Auralee) $1,000.00 Greening (Gary) $1,000.00 Kitchen (Tanya) $5,000.00 (rev. $1,000) Gardens same as last Journal $5,000.00 (rev. expected $5,000) Promotions $4,200.00 Personnel $15,000.00 Merchandise (Brenda R) $4,000.00 Hospitality talk to Laurie Astles Volunteer same as last

Note of clarification: Merch. will continue to order mugs, but expense will go to the Gardens.

(Leave a reserve of a few thousand.)

Finance Committee to propose budget at January BOD Meeting.

4. Sandsculpting. Kim to submit proposal for Jan. BOD Meeting.

5. Planning Document. Reviewed. To arrange timeline for each issue for Jan. BOD Meeting.

6. Insurance. New quote has come up. Policy doesn’t expire until May, review insurance policy at March BOD Meeting.

7. Legal Land Descriptions. Jen to phone Oriol, Matt, Sharon, Glen and Jayson for their Legal land descriptions for Corporate return.

8. Entertainment Committee to give away 3 t-shirts and 5 (3packs) cd;s at Dec 21st Open Stage. Move that the Board approve the aforementioned merchandise to be given as prizes on December 21st. Michael/Mark. Carried.

9. Website. *Move that Ness Creek BOD authorize the payment of $25/month to Jon Braidek to cover his expenses relating to, to be included in office expense budget. Michael/Gord. Carried. *subject to receipt and approval of timeline.

Move to adjourn. Kathi/Brenda. Carried.

Next BOD Meeting is on January 28th, 1pm @ Amigo’s.

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2001

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