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Dheng:You have promised to deliver the motorcycle 2 times already and both did not materialize (1st:Before Christmas & 2nd:Before New Year).This week you have promised to deliver before the week ends, and I'm just reminding you that tomorrow is already Saturday. I hope you won't fail this time! Please take note that my motorcycle courier's continuous employment would be dependent on you. HAVE PITTY ON HIM.

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001


First of all we apologize for any shortcomings we may have had to all of you. Let me update you on what has been happening with (and at the same time to answer some of the queries).

1. Sales hasn't picked up yet. Noli has been in constant contact with Leo Fernandez (one of the franchisees abroad) about the market. He said, that Leo's alarmed about the situation here in the Philippines which may be why the sales isn't that good lately. Marketing efforts were already put ever since the launching. The flyers were mostly sent to the United States.

2. Serbisyopinoy has launched a new offensive in putting up sales people for the purpose of putting business to SP. This will be discussed in detail when you meet Noli at the new ofc

The new office is located at Rm 401, Century Imperial Hotel, Tomas Morato cor. Timog Ave. Tel no. 9283341

3. All motorcycles will be delivered next week.

4. The site has been restored to pre-christmas appearance but watch out for a new renovated site within next week.

5. Maintenance of computers are a bit delayed as problems with the supplier of the computers are holding us back in delivering the computers.

6. Noli Fernandez wants to meet all of you re updates for SP (at the new office).

Mr. Stanley Ang - Monday (am) Mrs. Alice Liboon - Monday (pm) Mr. Soc Tumpalan - Tuesday (am) Mrs. Jennifer Ang - Tuesday (pm)

we'll inform the other franchisees thru phone.

Rest assured that we're doing our best in promoting this business. We hope you'll all stay with us in the long run.

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2001

As a follow up to that, its been 3 weeks since we're on-line and yet a.we haven't received our vehicle too for that matter, guess we're on the same boat regarding the employee part pa. By Monday we will settle the opening of a savings account at Chinabank and forward one copy of signature card to Jade branch. b. Regarding the contract, when will you be able to furnish us with that? c. How's your marketing team doing, what have they accomplished so far, in terms of areas of coverage, have you started advertising via media, i.e. TV, radio, publications and the like just as what you have mentioned during the launching. And if it is done abroad, can you keep us updated/informed of the steps undertaken by the team? We for one would like to help market the website for its the only tool that will keep it on its toes and as of now I haven't seen a flyer or ad about serbisyopinoy in my area.

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001

I have a few more queries and doing it over the message board wouldn't be enough as I would want to know if some areas were able to get orders or no one did. Aren't we suppose to be geeting ready for Valentines, and the web site still has a Maigayang Pasko greeting? If we have liquors why dont we have chocolates? That the best tandem di ba? I think it would be best for us to sit down and talk about steps on how to promote the site. If the partners feels the same way I guess this calls for a meeting ASAP.

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001

How could we started, if promise is almost always been broken. . . . . For me, promise is just promise but the more important is the result. I always mention to my staff that no matter what you do, no matter what job you have . . . . . if you cannt deliver the result right on time , , , its YOU who got the problem . . . and im sure that happen because YOU dont give much time, focused and sincerity on your work. . . if that would be the case, you are not an asset of the company but liability . Therefore, to do so, company cannt go on spending money for nothing perhaps you better look for other job. Hope that these would serve as a lesson for each of one. Have focused and do our part well. . . TRABAHO LANG WALANG PERSONALAN. . . . . problema sa bahay wag dalhin sa office nang magkaroon ng focus . . . PWEDE BA mga tsong mga tsang.

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001

I fully agree with Jenny Ang. It's been a month since serbisyo went on line(is it really?) still no orders. Let's get together on this and discuss whatever it is so we can get the orders coming.


May I request you to arrange the meeting, say Tuesday Jan 16, in the afternoon. To get the mileage on this mtg. please ensure that Noli,Raffy,Benjel,Bobby,Aireen and at least majority of the franchisees attend. It is also a good opportunity to update franchisees on the status of computers,vehicles, marketing,and operations support. You can also follow up on our(franchisees) deficiencies if any. I also noted that the site still promotes Christmas!! Suggest Bob to revise it na( as in Now) lest we miss out on the opportunity also. Let's have this mtg. already otherwise the interest of Franchisees will wane as they too have other businesses to promote.

Let's go ahead do whatever is necessary to maintain the advantage over other business who are trying to catch up, otherwise we lose the advantage. I see a very big potential in the franchisee's network and their individual expertise.Let's see what can be done to promote our one interest- Launch Serbisyo Pinoy.

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001

dear mr. soc and ms jenny:

i think we better qualify the terms that we have been using and throwing at each other's mail.

i never mentioned the word "promise" in any of our transactions and communication but let me stress that i mentioned, we know or i personally know what are my commitments and obligations to our franchisees.

with regards to the vehicles (motorcycle), which is part of the free for use to franchisees just like the computers. In as much as we wanted to control matters regarding supplies/ delivery, we are at the mercy of our suppliers.

for the record: the final list of who is to get which was forwarded to me december 11, 2000. for the computers this was kind of easy to ask for a quotation and purchase because there are no delicate documents to be filled up or submitted. on the other hand, the vehicles, circumstances arise that we went from one supplier to another due to documents problem, delivery, supply and cost until finally we had to settle for the DAYENG 100cc, which i mentioned to you mr tumpalan will be delivered to us by tuesday next week and i never mentioned within this week... please do note that. i also mentioned to you that should you insist on employing your motorcycle rider at once without the vehicle being delivered yet, he can do the flyering in your area.

i hope everything is noted and clarified on this issue.

on the marketing/ orders issue and concern:

i believe i have already responded to this....(please review your previous e-mail) we shall be setting a meeting with the franchisees the soonest time possible to inform you of the marketing efforts that our marketing team and the newly created/organized sales team of serbisyopinoy marketing corporation.

in the mean time, we ask for your patience, support and prayers. finally, i think we should not be pre-judging people especially if we have not been fully aware and grasp the intentions and reasons behind peculiarities.

also, we shall be calling each one either over the phone or personally to come over to thresh whatever concerns are.


i think you need to clarify what you have shared and written, PLEASE QUALIFY YOUR POINT AS we do not know what message you want to come across.

TO EVERYBODY: please continue to spread either by using your serbisyopinoy e-mails, by using the refer 3 friends promo (which is at our site), to do your part in distributing the local flyers given to you by francon.

we have already sent flyers to canada, taiwan, berkeley, chicago, oklahoma and this february to new york.

again, we would like to stress that we know and we are aware of our commitment to you our franchisees and we will not let you down, rest assured again and again we are doing something (concrete things), which will be very beneficial to all of you.

please wait for the schedule of calls and meeting to be announced, the latest tuesday, January.

on the site: bob is already working on the alteration of the site for the valentines day and yes the chocolates will be included. we are also checking and reviewing the site of its effectiveness and other areas as well.

thank you for your prayers, support and help.

finally, i would like to quote a famous line. "think not of what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country".



-- Anonymous, January 13, 2001

Deng, My preference is Tues.PM as indicated in my mail. Besides I would rather that everyone meets at the same time para minsanan na lang. Anyway we are all into this same problem of no business yet.

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2001

I agree with Alice, dont you think its best to convene a meeting where all are present? If you can do that, maybe we can try to set it around next week, just as long as most of the franchisees are there :]

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2001

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