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I have problems capturing 352x240 at 30fps. Frames drop real bad with no compression.

I have AMD K6-333mhz, 327MB Ram, an AGP Cougar Video Capture Card with 32MB, a blank hard drive for capturing video (DMA is Set). I have tryed everything but frames still drop.

If you can please help.

-- PacMan (, January 09, 2001


hi.i am sorry to have to say this,but, i do not think that your AMD K6-333mhz is fast enough to capture video.i had same problem,and upgraded to Athlon-650mhz, and now i capture video in any resolution without any dropped frames.

regards mike.

-- michael quagleini (, January 24, 2001.

I use Pentinum 200MMX capture without any problem. I am using Pinnacle Mico DC30. Try to find a better capture card.

-- Michael Tso (, March 07, 2001.

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