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Just a brief question to you all, it is: What would you do in this case ?

The story is below:

Some half a year ago, I have to move out of my apartment to a house. In the new area, my internet provider is not yet available, they promise me to come back to me to install my internet connection as soon as this can be done. They dismount their equipment at my old place, and make a partial installation on my new place. Then I hear nothing from them anymore, except that they refund the deposit I made for the cable modem. I contact them again a month after I heard services were running in my area, someone comes up with the cable modem, but seems unable to connect me to my old accound. After a bit of checking, it seems that shortly after my move, they deleted my account, deleted my e:mail, deleted my homepage (but I got there sooner) and managed to give my e:mail account to someone else. Thus some totally unknown freak is receiving all my personal mail from all my friends, which just might send me private informations, sites might send me my passwords, this guy can go into my accounts and just click this "Sorry, I lost my password, mail it to me." Buttons, just to get my private address, phone numbers, visa card number, and a lot of other stuff he shouldn't be able to obtain at all. Just what kind of decency is that, not even telling me ahead that this had happened ? Not to mention the decency they had to help me find out the address and phone number of their customer who has my account now. I asked him if I could have it back, but I got no reply at all (except for a read confirmation that I'd requested, which returned his real name). If this isn't an attack on someone's privacy, I wouldn't have a clue on what to call it. I even wonder if this is actually legal ? The guy doesn't seem to have done anything wrong but this people just set him up to read someone else's personal mail.

Now answer the question, What would you do in this case ?


-- Wim Van Oudenhove (, January 07, 2001

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