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Did you make resolutions for the year 2000? Did you keep any?

How about for this year?

Mine are coming in tomorrow's entry.

-- Sherry (, January 02, 2001


I don't think I actually made any resolutions last year. 2000 was a moving year, a change of environment, and who knows what happens then. I dropped out of the gym, started studying again, and started a reading spree. I went back to church, wich has been a resolution for a long time, but apart from that, not much of resolutions. I'm not going to tell the whole world what this years resolutions are, but they include general health improvement, getting rid of some long dwelling illnesses for example, and to try and cut down on some addictions. Getting more of a social life will be one as well, but that kinda failed big time last year. Except for maybe the last week or so. So nothing much to tell really, but it's an answer.



-- Wim Van Oudenhove (, January 07, 2001.

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