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What is the proper method for trimming the wick of a kerosene heater and how does one know when it is needed

-- kelly stauffer (, December 14, 2000


a heater,,, as in a space heater? the one I used to use,,, there was no way to trim it,, was self trimming

-- STAN (, December 14, 2000.

I assume you are talking about the free-standing units which use a round wick.

If, every other tank, you let the kerosene heater completely use up all fuel it will burn the accumulated carbon off of the wick.

The wick probably doesn't need to be trimmed, but rather raised a bit. Take the heater apart. You will eventually get to the assembly which holds the wick. Just move the wick up a bit and reassemble. Hardware stores which sell these heaters may do it for you also. On the first burn, do it outside. The new wick will self-adjust to the proper height.

Also check your homeowner's policy. Some will not pay a fire claim if caused by a kerosene heater.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, December 15, 2000.

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