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Please kindly tell me which is the best ASA400 print film in Singapore I can buy for serious street photography/portrait shots. 120 type only. I am after nice colour, fine grain and good tonality.

I found the Fuji NPH disappointing.

-- Jon Wong (, December 14, 2000


Dear Jon, Sorry this reply came 2 weeks late.

Hmmm.....Fuji NPH disappointing?

Here is what I'd recommend over the NPH in terms of colour. 1. Kodak Gold 100 or 200.(No longer imported) 2. Kodak Supra series.(Kodak believes that no one in Singapore uses them in 120 size. So they see no point in bringing them in) 3. Agfa Optima series.(I wouldn't recommend the Optima 50. Too colourful)

So I haven't been too helpful. What can I do? I don't supply film.

-- Paul Chuah (, December 28, 2000.

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