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Well, hmm... Hi. I'd love to comment on your poetry, but unfortunately I haven't read it. I'd love to, but as it happens I'm pretty much, well, broke now when I've bought all my christmas gifts and... I hope it's ok. Even the title is inspiring though, perhaps because I can so easily relate to it. Snow is one of my favourite things in the world. Anyway, I was kind of hoping you'd be willing to check out my site and read my poetry - I really don't write that much in English, seeing it's not my native language and compared to my Swedish poetry... well... But there are a few originals written in English, some very old poetry translated, and there might be more if my dream becomes reality and I get into a university in Scotland. Please come visit me at: http://members.nbci.com/poetissan

And if it's ok, I would love to receive just one of your poems by e-mail so that I know... who you are.

- Gabriella

-- Gabriella Jönsson (gabriella@angelhaven.com), December 13, 2000

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