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I have found a roll of Kodak Ektachrome 120 film in an old camera that requires E-4 process, does any one know where I could get this done or where I could obtain the chemicals for this.

-- John Warren (, November 30, 2000


If you do a search under for kodak e4 you will find some labs that do e4 processing. I also have a friend that just found some unopened 1 gallon e4 kits. Shipping would be a problem from Alaska.


-- Mark A. Johnson (, March 26, 2001.

We can process this film in E-4 chemistry but at this point due to the age of the film we do not at all recommend it (success around 30 - 40% always poor). The better approach is to run it as a c-22 cross process (50 to 60 % sucess) and the very best approach is to run it in a high contrast bleach omited process (80 to 90 % success) resulting in an odd looking B&W negative that should then either be scanned or printed onto High con Panalure paper (though discontinued we have a chest freezer full of it). The choice is yours but only the bleach omited process is guaranteed. In this case if we can not get a recognizable image from your film you will not be charged.

Cheers Greg Miller Film Rescue International 1 800 329 8988

-- Greg Miller (, March 06, 2003.

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