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Count me in to develop a Travel Agent Mission Statement for the 21st Century (sorry but Manifesto still has a negative connotation) so long as it addresses all segments of the business. While, the Travel Digest is the first travel agency community bringing together most segments of the travel agency industry, there are disharmonies within the digest between the different factions. The brick & mortar; the home-based; the franchisee, the affiliates all have different agendas that need to be addressed if a Travel Agent Mission Statement is to be promulgated.

-- John Nigro (, November 17, 2000


Hi John,

Thanks for the suport. You have just shown how important it is to have native speakers creating this mission statement. The implication of the world mission statement never crossed my mind.

I am in Holland, and you obviously know the local situation better than I do... who would you sugest we try get on board to make sure we cover all interest groups?


-- Ben Koot (, November 17, 2000.

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