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the Florida election fiasco was contrived by the powers that be so that Clinton could remain in charge. What are the odds that an honest election could be this close in Florida or in the nation? One in 10 million? This will not be resolved in Florida until Nov 17 when the absentee ballots are counted. Palm Beach County has many rich people. It could not afford modern voting machines? Give me a break. The Democrats controlled the design of the ballot and the system.

The dollar will fall quickly by 15 to 20%, and the stock market will crash due to the uncertainity and the fear of overseas investors. There is $6 TRILLION owned by overseas governments and investors and the rush will be on to get rid of these dollars before they become worthless. Clinton will still be in power when this happens and will be blamed. As the crisis drags on, the elections in additional states (California, Iowa, Michigan) will be contested, these will be moved from the Gore camp to undecided, the Courts will get involved, people will be furious, Clinton will be impeached again and ALGORE will become President after Congress votes to impeach Clinton during November or December THIS YEAR. Terrorists or Sadam or China will attack the US, disrupt communications and computer networks in the US. Gore will become President when he could not be elected by honest elections. Gore would then confiscate the guns to protect the citizens, declare Martial Law and suspend the elections claiming that he won the election and he did get a higher percentage of the votes than Clinton received and he was reelected. The people will be so confused and upset at the stock market crash, the depression, the rampant inflation, the loss of their net worth and the repossession of their homes by the lending institutions that they will accept the martial law. Algore appointing the son of Mayor Richard Dailey who ran Chicago for many years in charge of his campaign would be like putting Al Capone's son in charge of the Internal Revenue Service. There would be massive family knowledge of how to manipulate the system.

The big question is what will the military do? Will they accept the martial law or revolt and support the people? How many foreign troops will be stationed here? They would shoot American citizens to maintain order but would the US soldiers be willing to do so? The little old ladies and the idiots support gun control without recognizing that the above sequence of events could actually happen. What would happen if gun control is implemented and the guns are confiscated. This would be against the Constitution but who cares, it is ignored anyhow in many areas.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Who would have thought that a dead man would be elected to the Senate? Who would have thought that a non resident who never held elective office could be elected Senator in New York? What would the Arab Countries think if a Jew were to become President of the US? Would a suitcase nuke be exploded in the US like in New York city before or after Algore assumes power? Or a missile with a high altitude blast could wipe out communications with minimal property damage by overloading electrical circuits (EMP for the uninformed) Imagine no computers, phones and the darn car would not even start unless it was made before 1972 or was a diesel. Even if it started, would it move? This post just touched on some of the issues. If you are a Democrat are you proud of what your party is doing to the Country? Look at the maps. The Democrats won in all of the Urban areas where there are big concentrations of population and high welfare benefits. Are these people voting for the welfare of the country or the welfare of the pocketbook of the voter by electing the person who promises the most? Will Algore save the country? Think about it. The odds are against it.

-- Al (whattheheck@notstupid.fubar), November 09, 2000


What about Y2K? Don't forget Y2K...the millenium is right around the corner you know.

Get yer preps.

-- (@ .), November 09, 2000.

Riots in the street, martial law, mayhem.

-- (comingsoon@toyour.neighborhood), November 09, 2000.

Watch the US dollar. Once its value starts to slide, the freefall is next.

Then watch the fearful foreigners sell T-notes and stocks like crazy.

When the NASDAQ plunges forcefully below 3000, panic selling will hit like a hurricane, and there will be massive losses of money.

The worst is on its way...

-- dinosaur (, November 09, 2000.

If there was any vote fraud in Florida, it was committed by CNN and the other "News" networks who declared victory for ALGORE in Florida before the polls closed in West Florida which is a heavily Republican area. See the map. The Central Time zone is West of the Applachicola River. This cost the Republicians up to 30,000 votes of people who thought gore had won so they did not bother to vote per FOX news tonight. That is the trouble with the Democrat party. They have attracted numerous people who can not read, can not follow directions, do not understand plain English and then bitch and moan when the result is not what they wanted. Any idiot knows you can not vote for 2 people for the same position except some democrat party officials. Shame.

-- Ed Norton (Ed@notstupid.gom), November 10, 2000.

Very well said Mr. Norton, well said indeed!

-- I (h@ve.spoken), November 10, 2000.

Whoa! Wait just a goll-derned minute!

First TPTB try to impeach Clinton and fail. What the heck kind of PTB are those? They can't even finish off a lame duck! Not much P in those PTB, is there?

Then because they can't impeach him they suddenly turn around and want to keep him in office past the constitutionally-mandated two term maximum???!!?

What the heck have you been smoking, Al?

-- Brian McLaughlin (, November 10, 2000.

Hey Brian read the first post again. The impeachment attempt by the Republicians failed. This attempt will be by the Democrats. Mr Bush will squeak by with enough electoral votes just like Landslide Lyndon did in 1960. If Clinton is impeached in December and Congress has the courage to vote to do so, the Democrat masses will be outraged and will riot and have civil disorder. Gore will then be President and can declare Martial Law and achieve the victory that was denied to him despite all of the tricks and fraud by the Democrats. The declaration that Gore won by the TV networks before the Florida polls closed was brilliant so that the heavily Republician West Florida area would not bother to vote. They later withdrew the victory anouncement after it was too late. I heard that people in West Florida are considering a lawsuit against the networks. This one would have a h-ll of a lot more validity than the idiot voters who can't follow instructions in Palm Beach County. Sound farfetched? Maybe or maybe not. Why did Clinton sign all of the Executive Orders this year? The most interesting one was the one placing FEMA under the control of Janet Reno instead of the military. Is there some question about the loyality of the military? The clincher will be the overseas ballots will be heavily Republician due to all the nice things that Clinton has done for (to)_ the Military. The ones with the real dilema will be the Black Privates and other low paid enlisted men. Do they support the Democrat ticket or vote their pocketbooks like everyone else does? I say pocketbook every time.

-- Alfred (, November 10, 2000.

Looks around and smiles to self (and you all thought *I* was da crazed one, whatever)

-- (, November 10, 2000.

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