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Hi Fintan and Jessica

I have an idea for a business plan that can be nicely adapted to the internet.

How about offering the MBA program online?

Students would log into a server and attend classes virtually from anywhere in the world. Prestigious schools such as Harvard would be able to immediately increase the number of students they can teach without detriorating from the quality that they offer the one on one students in Boston.

The idea is based on the avilability of broadband networks of course, rather than reading dull literature such as current course by correspondance offers, the Internet would allow professors to pre-record video presentations of their lectures and students could watch streaming videos on their screens at any time. Moreover they can re-watch them as many times as they like until they really get the point....a long time for some :)

Work can be submittted by email etc...and servers can be set up to allow students to interact with each other.

What I'm really suggesting is to adopt this whole Virtual Team exercise thing into a Virtual MBA exercise. Don't you think the co-ordinators will just love that idea? They'd better, they are making us go through this!

Students could contact the lecturers at pre-dertermined times and have one on one video conferences if they are having difficulties with the material.

Path to profitability Advertisers could put small banner ads in front of the students such as DELL, COMPAQ, MICROSOFT as well as companies looking to recruit students for jobs. Thats one source of revenue anyway in addition to the fees the students pay the schoools.

If enough schools got togethere they could really offer students a huge selection of courses to select from.

Finally, at the end of the course, a different country is selected to host the graduation ceremony / party!

The more I write about it the better it sounds. So what do you think? Shall we pursue this one and get cracking on the writing of the plan?

Kind regards


-- Anonymous, November 06, 2000

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