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I am a student at the University of South Australia, I am currently conduct a little research into the area of 'Team Spirit' I am finding it difficult to find any literature on the topic. If anyone has any info, ideas, or even literature on this topic could you please emial me with the details. Basically I want to look at how team spirit is affected in organisations,ie what factors contribute to team spirit?

best regards


-- Danielle (, October 20, 2000


Just a little background. Foicer: US Marine - 4 years California Highway Patrol Officer - 10 years US Army National Guard (2nd Lieutenant) - 2 years MV Transportation, Inc.(ParaTransit,Safety Trainer) - 4 years UltraEx, Inc.(Courier Service,Training Manager) - 1 year

With my varied background there is one common denominator- teamwork. Without teamwork the job takes twice as long to accomplish, if it gets done at all!

On and e way to build teamwork is to keep all employees (and soldiers) informed as to what the goal is. The employees need to feel they can come forward to management and make suggestions without their head being chopped off if they disagree with something.

As many employees as possible need to meet on a regular basis to share ideas and experiences. They need to cross train so they can see the importance of each others work in accomplishing any task in a timely manner.

Team building is an ongoing process.

Hope this info. is useful. I've got to get back to work. I was looking for something on TeamWork when I stumbled upon your question. Good luck.

-- Thomas Glen Burdick (, October 20, 2000.

Please, don't the sweet talks of American Tom Burdick try and wane you into believing that teamwork is the only thing that makes or breaks an organization. I use to work for Mr Burdick and there was a sight altercation between the two of us because I did not agree with a request that he personally felt was a demand. Instead of doing the "team-like" or "teamwork" thing as he so much suggest and tries to impress upon, he went into a temper tantrum and commence to screaming all types of verbal insinuations. In a place like America, or any industrialized country, teamwork is broken down into microscopic to macroscopic cultural and societal niches. The best teamwork that is available is that you definitely know who you are and act accordingly to any situation that will make the worst situation turn for the better in regards to all contributors. Peace....

-- J. Stultz (, May 08, 2001.

I worked for Glen Burdick and he is so full of it!

This guy is a joke and not a team player at all.

It's all him , he was a cop and talks to people like they did something wrong at all time.

-- Jon Jay (jon_jay@deliveryservicetoday.orgt), May 03, 2002.

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