A question from an old friend?

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A guitar playing, juggling, Puppet manipulating old friend needs to know where your playing next Nigel. I'l love to catch up with ya again. Sorry to use the forum for such a obvious contact point but hey "Sue me" LOL

Send me your itinery and I'll try to get along ASAP

Peter Clark (Ex Puppetland)

-- Peter Clark (peterbclark@pinkfloyd.com), October 16, 2000


Hi you puppeteering music making flying off to Europe and the world in an ambulance ...looning round the planet making a statement of freedom ...wondered when the lure of a hard bed on the road would last but well done and nice to hear from you. I am not on the road much right now as I have been snowed under with the canmelford water poisoning event and the campaign for a public enquiry. We are getting somewhere with this now the minister for the environment has met with us for 5 hours recently! I released a new album early this year and have a new one out in 2001 based on a BBC TV thing I did. Also re-releasing 'ShipTo Shore' with lots of extra tracks and copious sleeve notes so am snowed under and will not be gigging till spring 2001. You have my No. so get in touch. Be Happy. Nigel

-- Nigel Mazlyn Jones (iol@cerbernet.co.uk), November 08, 2000.

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