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Do specific marketing tactics (use of your name, for example) turn you off completely? Tell us your experiences.

-- Becky (, October 14, 2000


In stupid marketing land, if they know you've reached age xx, can't they figure out you're supposed to be addressed as Ms. LastName until invited to do otherwise? Apparently not.

-- Wendy (, October 14, 2000.

Wait til you hit my age! I don't even allow kids to call me by my first name do you think I'd like a stranger selling something do it? Bunch of young snots behind this marketing idea! They would probably address the Queen as 'queeny'!

If by chance anyone read my journal you would of seen my feelings about marketing to elementary kids as well. The Chattering Oct 12

-- Bonnie (, October 14, 2000.

In my work life being on the phone and being ready to answer a call was an absolute necessity. I have always valued my privacy at home and usually resent someone putting their foot in my telephone door. Knowing that they make a living at it I do try to be polite and usually ask the caller to send me a brochure - never once has anyone asked me for my mailing address -- so ?

No stranger knows me well enough to call me by my first name - especially a salesman or woman.

-- Denver doug (, October 19, 2000.

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