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Does anyone else have a Whitfield pellett stove? We bought ours second hand a few years ago. We now need to replace some of the fire bricks and do some work on the auger and can't seem to find a source for information. I did look up the whitfield site but haven't gotten a response to any inquiries. Also got an 888 number but got the runaround from some computer thing, you know, press 1 for this and 2 for that and so on? We really like the stove. It holds a fire a lot longer than our woodstove did. 12 plus hours which really helps when we work long shifts. Plus a lot neater, We have a window on 3 sides so we can still enjoy the flames and the smell of wood. Any infor would be appreciated! Thanks much, Barb

-- Barb (WILDETMR@YAHOO.COM), October 13, 2000


We had a Whitfield pellet stove and enjoyed it, for the most part. We had the Renaissance model, in white. Looked good! We installed it in a house that we built. I liked it, but when we bought/remodelled again, we opted for a wood insert. We can get wood for free, but have to buy pellets. One other thing that we didn't like about the pellet stove was limitations when the power went out (maybe not a problem, if you have a battery back-up, which we didn't) I enjoyed having less mess and less dust all over the place, though, with the pellet stove.

Barb, I think Energy Innovations in Monroe, WA is where we bought ours. Since you are in Oregon (I think?) maybe they could direct you to something local near you. Also the Home Show is on in Seattle next week and you might be able to find some resources there (either in person or somehow on the web). Good luck!

-- sheepish (rborgo@gte.net), October 13, 2000.

I have a whitfield stove which I bought new about 6 years ago. No complaints with it except as previously stated my wood is free and the pellets aren't. Exactly what kind of info are you looking for? I have the owner's manual and operating instructions and a video on how to run it. Company address is Pyro Industries, Inc. 695 Pease Road, Burlington Wa 98233. We have ours serviced by a local dealer.

-- teresa (teresam@ascent.net), October 13, 2000.

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